with founder Saskia Dijkstra and designer Camille Serra of

Extreme Cashmere



Saskia: “Everything! Because above all else, we wanted to create a sweater that would make anyone wearing it extremely confident!”

Camille: “We wanted people to be able to wear this sweater where ever, whenever. Making sure it’s always the perfect fit for any occasion. And thus we knew that not only the design, but also the material was of the utmost importance.”

Saskia: “That’s why we chose cashmere. This is a beautiful, high quality, natural fabric that is both always very chic and very comfortable.”

Camille: “The right combination of timeless yet bold design and high quality cashmere guarantees that our creations can be worn both casually and more formal. Inside and outside.”

Saskia: “We’re very happy with the results of our collaboration. Because we truly believe that our designs are perfect for any one, any where, any time.”

Camille: “And we mean that in the most extreme kind of way! You can literally wear our designs all year round, at all times of the day, for many many years.”

Saskia: “Our designs cut across generations as well as across gender as they are mixed! Plus they come in different price ranges.”



Saskia: “We believe in  slow fashion and strive to create the most honest product that we can. Our process is to create as responsible & sustainable as possible.

I have very close connections with the factories in inner Mongolia , we produce in the off-season which provides work in the slow season in inner Mongolia where our cashmere comes from. Furthermore, it assures the workers can produce without any time pressure as well.”

Camille: “We allow ourselves to take time perfecting the design, which is so  important to me. We respect the creative process and only start production when the design and the team  are ready for it.

There is no rush, because this is not about fashion, not about a fleeing trend. This is about extreme style, extreme comfort and  extreme needed. And about being able to create something extremely beautiful without making any concessions. And that is timeless.”

Saskia: “This is also why we use high quality cashmere stock yarn whenever we can. And from this stock yarn, we create special limited editions.

For example our debut collection, which will consist of amazing cashmere sweaters, dresses, sweatpants, tees, cardigans, coats, hats, scarfs & gloves.

All wonderful for mixing and layering, as well.”




Camille: “I am obsessed with geometrical and classic forms. And I’m always looking for a balance between classical and edgy design.”

Saskia: “Our designs are just like us. Between being serious and tongue-in-cheek. We love humor in our design, things to throw you off, the unexpected.”

Camille: “We mixed the high quality cashmere yarn with stretch, offering us lots of room and freedom and a whole new range of possibilities to create new shapes in different weight from very tight to oversized shapes.

A whole new vision of cashmere knitwear!”

Saskia: “We have added extreme colours to the mix: Extreme Pink, Extreme Yellow, The Perfect Red, shades of Beige, earth Brown, Deep Dark Blue and Extraordinary Grey.”

Camille: “Seriously, you should see what will happen when you try on our feel good, do good product.”

Saskia: “We think you will fall in love.”

Camille: “You will change.”

Saskia: “You will feel like you stepped into your second skin. Or as a new home, or a freshly made bed.”

Both: “We made it happen.

We created a sweater without making any concessions!

Saskia: “As you can see. We are extremely excited about this line.”




Saskia: “We met each other regularly during the last 10 years, working for the label Joseph. I worked as the supplier of cashmere and Camille as the head designer. I always really admired her designs”

Camille: “And I loved her cashmere way of thinking.“

Saskia: “We both have over 20 years of experience in the world of cashmere. So, we started talking and we just haven’t stopped! We have so much in common: our passion for quality and cashmere, our approach to fashion and our extreme ambition to create perfect products.”

Camille: “And most importantly; we both want to create WITHOUT having to make ANY CONCESSIONS. WE WERE SO FED UP with making CONCESSIONS!”

Saskia: “We knew for certain that if we would combine our skills, network and our passion, we would be able to do so.

And one year later,

Extreme Cashmere was born!”

Camille: “We are extremely proud.”



Saskia: After three successful pop ups in Amsterdam and Paris, and some Extreme Cashmere items as bestseller at Graanmarkt 13, in Antwerp it is time to present our Extreme Cashmere to the world.




Extreme Cashmere Studio

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1016 BX  Amsterdam


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