cashmere goats live in inner and outer mongolia · with very hot summers and extremely cold winters

the undercoat thats grows mostly on the belly and armpits of the goat is the very soft fibre called cashmere

the undercoat gets combed once a year in spring time · goats grow a new undercoat during the summer that protects them against the cold winter to come

the cashmere harvest is from april until july

the quality level of cashmere is determined by the length of the fibre average diameter · fibres will be selected and sorted according to its length and color

the natural fibre color has different shades · our cream and oat colored sweaters are undyed cashmere

from harvesting cashmere until wearing the sweater is a long process

sourcing· sorting · dehairing · combing · dying · spinning ·

doubling · knitting· linking · washing · pressing · wearing

Extreme Cashmere