our ethics

extreme cashmere came into being from a mutual frustration with the fashion industry by Saskia Dijkstra and Camille Serra. With over twenty-five years’ experience in respectively production and design of high end knitwear, their ambition was to establish a brand that aimed to create the ultimate cashmere sweater - made in the best possible way, designed to be worn and loved by everyone, at every occasion, without exceptions or concessions. These motivations resulted in the brand’s core values:


extreme shapes, extreme quality

no limits, no concessions

all seasons, all occasions

every body, everybody


These core values also apply to the brand’s operations. In a sincere effort to offer a more transparent, sustainable and resourceful alternative to the current fashion industry, every stage of the supply chain is put under scrutiny. ‘What is relevant?’ ‘Is it truly necessary?’


- In stead of trying to sell the customer a new garment every few weeks, extreme cashmere wants to create high quality garments that are made to last for years and beyond the seasons.

- Each extreme cashmere ‘edition’ is limited to a maximum of fifteen unisize and unisex reinvented classic styles to minimise complex production processes and overproduction.

- All extreme cashmere garments are suited for all seasons and available throughout the year, while stock lasts.

- All extreme cashmere garments are honestly priced. The brand only works with trusted suppliers that comply with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), regularly ensuring that conditions are upheld and no steps in the process are bypassed.


Extreme Cashmere