our cashmere

All extreme cashmere garments are made of carefully selected wool from cashmere goats that live in mountainous area’s in the Chinese region Inner Mongolia. A soft undercoat on their abdomen and neck provide them with some much-needed protection during the extremely cold winters. In late spring, when the temperatures are rising, the goats moult. The process of collecting the loose cashmere fibres from their thick pelt, called harvesting, is done by combing.

After harvesting, the fibres are sorted according to length. In order to produce high-quality cashmere, 
extreme cashmere solely uses the longest available fibres. They make into stronger, long-lasting knits. Next to the production of cashmere in various dyed colours, undyed cashmere is used for the colours cream and oat.

extreme cashmere
 produces its garments in factories that comply with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BCSI).


Extreme Cashmere